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January 2021-openings available

It’s been quite awhile since the last post, and obviously much has changed in the world since then. Things are well here at Motheroak, all critters healthy(including me), well provisioned with food after an abundant season, and connectivity with friends and neighbors healthy and increasing.

I’ll just say that of the two contrasting narratives about what’s going on with viruses & people, i do not at all subscribe to the mainstream one, which mostly just peddles fear and a myopic & damaging view of health and social ecology. My take, after months of research& close attention, is that the overwhelming evidence supports no reasonable basis for the medical/government response.

  1. With that briefly said, I’ll add that we/i are still looking to connect with people who might be interested in an extended visit here at Motheroak–the aspiration and search for community continues! If you’re interested, please email an intro, including your aspirations and what you’re looking for. Thank you! alexdenicola-at-hotmail dot com



February 2017 Update– Seeking one intern

Much has happened here at Motheroak since the last posting, and I’m pleased to report that along with my partner Katarina and a fun and productive PDC internship program that culminated in our new bath house addition, we have a young couple who will be joining us in living here later in the spring. The beginning of community– long awaited– very timely, and good news indeed! Welcome Shane and Emilia!

Due to the construction project and other evolutionary type changes here this year, we will not be offering the two month PDC internship this summer, though we do have an opening for one cheerful, committed, and willing worker interested in learning permaculture through osmosis and hands on work. Please contact Alex ASAP if this interests you.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting photos of our renovation/ repurposing of the building to accommodate our new community members, and much more as well. Please stay tuned!

Bath house