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Sunday, September 21ist extended tour & workshop/ date change

Greetings! We will be offering an extended tour of the Motheroak site on Sunday morning, September 21st from 8:30 to 11:30.

Alex will lead, explaining how what you will see here arises out of the permaculture design principles, and leads to further system resilience. Cost for the tour only is $20. For those interested in a deeper look and some discussion, we are offering a light lunch followed by talk and discussion of some of the conceptual framework for PC design, including pattern recognition, the role of ethics, and more. Tour plus afternoon is $35. Please Rsvp alexdenicolaAThotmail.com early as space is limited.

We will be re-offering our series of two 3 day workshops again in the fall. The first one is a distillation of the permaculture design course, and the second is an in depth look at the principles. Details will follow before long, and you could peruse the page at right on “details for weekend workshops” if you’re interested.

We are also accepting an intern or two for the fall season. Please contact alex. Thanks

The tour was originally scheduled for Aug. 24th