Video series

Welcome to our new video series

Bird’s eye view intro

In this first video of our video series, we give you an overview of landscape patterns surrounding our main building that shows our ponds, our access, our various orchards/polycultures. Further videos will show and discuss in further details.

Intro video Mother Oak permaculture with garden focus

Brief tour of some of our gardening techniques and strategies. Comfrey as mulch, polyculture market garden and more details regarding our landscape.

Mother Oak permaculture built environment intro

What you see is 10-12 years of permaculture evolution on a market garden farm. Bio-regeneration and resilience/self reliance building permaculture style with very low cost via lots of repurposing and principled actions. Our sole source of income for 27 years has been organic produce, and additionally a great deal of work trade labour reciprocated with hands on learning and permaculture design instructions has allowed us to remain low budget.


We have 24 years of experience keeping a dairy cow and a few beef cows, laying hens and a draft horse, ducks and a few turkeys. We strive for very low off farm inputs, but do buy some whole oats and barley and a little whole wheat, and then mineral salt. We make all our own hay which is still square baled and moved by hand, and do occasionally add industrial hen manure to the hay fields along with some bone meal. We supply 99.5% of our meat consumption, and about 80% of dairy.