grnhsefromcomroomFor those who may not be familiar with the concept/ activity of consultations, it basically comes down to informed advice. Depending on the consultant’s level of experience and knowledge, said advice could help save literally thousands of dollars, as well as much time and the prevention of costly mistakes. The permaculture process i follow begins with finding out what someone wants to do, close observation and site assessment, and then exploring how those two might come together through design.  Some brief discussion preceeding the actual billed consultation time is always in order, as far as i’m concerned, so please don’t hesistate to contact me on that account.


Alex is available to do consultations on a flexible basis, from a few hours  of “walk around” to more extensive design projects. Although i hesistate to finalize a fee structure, preferring to remain somewhat flexible on this too, i wouldn’t go below a minimum fee of $180(plus travel), which would cover a walk around of approx. two hours plus sit down time.  After that, depending on the level of complexity of the site and the design intentions involved, we’d be $75 per hour, with some flexibility if needed.  This process is by nature participatory, which means  the design doesn’t evolve without the continual input of the hiring party. My role is not to tell you what to do, but to help explore and discover  options, examine their potentials and viabilities and consequences, and then the decisions become yours.