January 2020

Hello 2020! Let’s hope for the best, shall we? And prepare for the worst- or at least continue to maintain and build further resilience.

The problem with the word sustainability, i think,  besides its general vagueness, is that it implies a static condition. How does that work in a world of accelerating change? What may seem sustainable today(keeping chickens for example) may seem or be less so tomorrow. What if suddenly feed supplies were interrupted or stopped? Being ready for such scenarios is what resilience is about. Which is one big reason why community is inherently more resilient than say, me running this homestead by myself. What if i break an arm, or leg, or worse? Without fellow homesteaders, or at minimum able and willing neighbors, well… down goes the ship.

I know it’s become a buzz word of sorts, but deservedly so I’d say. To me energetically building resilience means you’re paying attention to the myriad factors that are changing- like the climate-and that are on the cusp of major(& probably not good)changes, like the economy(think recession, currency fluctuations etcetc) or geopolitical relations and arrangements. Plus resilience is just common sense if self reliance is an aim. Just being fit increases resilience.

So though resilience has always been a central theme and motivator here at Motheroak, I’ll be amping it up this year. Will try to add a video(or two)about it to our utube offerings. The assumption(usually subconscious)that things will remain the same is a complacent& even dangerous one i think, and there’s plenty of evidence i could cite for that. Plus it’s late in the game on some fronts, tho climate chaos is just getting started.

Anyhow, there’s plenty to celebrate and be grateful for. Another young couple, Nick and Simon, are coming in March and committed to a year, and then who knows? Our freezers are full and the pantry& cold room well stocked, and for now the few but important machines are working. Like the chainsaws for example.

And soon we’ll order a few seeds, and begin the cycle again. All the best for now friends!♦