December 2019





Greetings all!

Another good year wraps up here at Motheroak, meaning helpful younger people, excellent crops so lots of food, healthy livestock, and lots of learning as well, with myself definitely included!

The young couple that were here for almost 1.5 years, Alex Ritchie & Amanda, headed back to Ontario in November- it was a good team and i much appreciate them. Another young couple coming in April, so it looks like we shall ride again on the market cropping road, permaculture style of course!

My studies around death & dying last year, complemented more recently with studies around trauma(both personal&collective) and trauma healing have deepened&widened my perspectives, and are a welcome integration into my permaculture understanding, and i think strengthening to it. Personal & collective resilience, along with regenerative land practices more important than ever given the chaos “out there.”

Using the boat metaphor(one of my favorites), I’d say we have an increasingly massive hole(climate change)taking in water, and a very serious fire in the engine room(economic-it’ll be a shocker), while the sails  are looking increasingly tattered and our survival supplies are rough and depleting(the biosphere). And though we really can’t know what exactly will happen next, it seems a good idea to keep the lifeboats ready & the life jackets handy & your swimming fitness strong. Otherwise, to quote Jamie Wheal, you may become just another drag & liability on others. Not such cheery comments, i know, especially for the season, but hey- just calling it as honestly as i can.

There is cheer however, accessible every moment of every day, which resides & manifests in the goodness within us and between us- AS the creative and healing and abundance and mystery of nature- just drop the clouds of distraction & see it shine.