May 26 2019

Spring! And another belated update…we are well here, everyone enjoying our moments, and being tested a bit by the cool wet weather being delivered. As the artiic continues heating and the jet stream fluxes with somewhat predictable results, north america faces more & more the consequences of an over scaled & hyperdeveloped mode of habitation on our lovely Earth, it seems. Permaculture, i would say, is more needed & relevant than ever, offering as it does alternative modes of said habitation.

And as ever, the most significant & helpful(i think) transformation needed is not in external design, but within ourselves- mind, body & spirit. And yes, it’s happening, and whether some critical mass of such transformation- a realization of our connectedness to the larger whole of nature-happens before we collectively hit a wall, fall of a cliff, sink in a swamp or incinerate the globe with nukes remains to be seen obviously. Time for each of us to do our part perhaps? Without delay?

To be continued…..