November 2018

2018 another year of flux and change, both defining and testing our resilience, it seems. Chaotic weather- a serioud late frost,livestock problems- losing our prime milk goat, crop losses- some carrots to excessive rain, cabbage to porcupines etc, relationships made and lost-some longer term live in help now, which is so helpful and vital to the flourishing of this place, and the ending of a couple partnership, sadness welcoming the early winter,and a great deal of learning. And yet all vital functions continue with apparent health, and ongoing gratitude for the many gifts and positive outcomes. My own energies and focus are redirecting(partially anyhow) to deepen my understanding of death and dying, of grief and grieving, of gaining skills for home funerals, and to exploring/ creating/ adopting new to me ceremonies and rituals in service of those.

Meanwhile the quiet time of winter is welcome, allowing time for much needed rest and reflection and semi-hibernation. I will try to be more timely with updates.

We do still have space to host singles or couples wishing to visit and explore collaborative possibilities.