July 2017

Finally an update! Evolution/ adaptation continues here at Motheroak. We now have Shane, a former intern, moved in as a permanent resident–the beginning of community!. Though we were expecting a couple, his partner got cold feet as they say, and so it goes.

Repurposing the end of the building into a comfortable year round living space has been ongoing since January, and the bulk of the work is done(pics). I look forward to a break from construction, rewarding tho it is.

Spring was a bit colder and wetter than usual, but reasonable enough given the possibilities. Strawberries and honeyberries have come and gone, and now we’re enjoying raspberries, greenhouse cucumbers and tomatoes, and the ongoing greens from the gardens. The Apple trees had a very low fruit set, tho the pears and peaches are quite abundant. This drives home the point once again that diversity is critical to food crop resilience. Our two cows and young bull are doing well on the slowly improving pastures, as are the goats. The meat and milk certainly help sustain us.

We also put up a bumper hay crop early in July, so I’m grateful for that!
The garlic harvest is the next major task coming up, meanwhile we are processing firewood and trying to keep up with the weeds, tho our scale of cultivation remains small– less than an acre.

This is the first year in since 07 that we’ve taken no interns,.and it’s good to see that the place is manageable with just three of us.

Most likely we will host a tour/ workshop in the early autumn, and internships again next year. Stay tuned.IMG_20170614_164426139IMG_20170312_102515337IMG_20170610_153049073