October 2015 update

Finally, an update! The spring/summer PDC went well, and everyone it seems learned a lot, including me. Besides our studies and a good dose of garden work, the interns designed and constructed a shed for further hay and/ or cow needs. This was done mostly with hand tools and poles from our woodlot, which everyone enjoyed. We will be offering another two month PDC over next June/ July, so watch for that.

We’ve had another full and abundant growing season — still ongoing, and you might find a little report on how some things did interesting: After two years of not very successful attempts at growing grain corn (mostly due to rodents), this year came in pretty well with “Painted Mountain,” an heritage flint corn– destined to become tortillas and/or areppas in the ongoing quest to close the grain gap here. The seaberries, grapes, peaches, figs, nectarines, pears, apples, northern kiwis, garlic and most veggies all did well, and the first nuts are appearing on our walnuts and hazelnuts planted 2009, which is a delight to see. The blueberries we moved last fall from a location they suffered in (too much heavy, wet clay) responded amazingly well with plump, delicious berries. We also raised four turkeys(bought as month old), who took to foraging immediately, and ranged far and wide on their way to the freezer, except the one grabbed by a coyote– talk about yield! Our two milk goats produced two kids each, and we’re still getting lots milk. Of our two heifers, one remains as yet unbred, while the other should calve later this month–a big event. The potato and squash harvest were rather poor, mostly due to rain and poor location choices on our part. I will just emphasize here that the Pc folks who claim astounding abundance with little or no work are exagerating– it takes a lot, and fertility on a farm doesn’t come that easy either, so please don’t kid yourselves.

Well, as the US empire, with its horrendous and stupid foreign policy (feeding the war machine) continues its inevitable decline, and a globally contracting economy mystifies most mainstream onlookers, and climate chaos continues to build, the urgency to establish regenerative, resilient, and  productive homesteads remains. No one, including all the ET prophets and or conspiracy theorists, really knows how this will all turn out, but

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what we do know isnew2015 095that our thoughts and actions can maknew2015 141e a big difference in how certain outcomes will affects us. Perhaps have a read of our “Hopi declaration,” and best of luck to you!