April after a VERY snowy winter

Though we started the winter easily enough–with almost no snow through Dec. and January, Feb and March were off the charts for snowfall. If there is one safe generalization to make about climate change, it is that extremes are becoming/ will be(?) the norm. More or less of snow, rain, heat, cold–you name it.IMG_5815IMG_5797

Though our essential survival has not been threatened, which it  may have without machines to bail us out, it still  feels like a disaster to me–though as i suggested, we’ve weathered pretty well. It is not over yet however, and as of today-April 14–most of the ground still has about 12″ of snow plus all the much higher drifts and piles. Fortunately it is melting slowly–as a big rain would compound the run off difficulties. One effect will be that two months or so of spring work will need to be compressed into the early summer gardening, which in a normal year is a bit of a crush. So we shall see…

Our June/ July internship course if full up and we are looking forward to that, and the Sept/  Oct one as well. I am grateful there will be many hands for all the work.